Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v
  • Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v
  • Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v
  • Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v
  • Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v

Concentrator GS Gold&Gems12v

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Heavy fraction vortex concentrator.


Heavy fraction vortex concentrator.

The version with a diameter of 20 cm, perfectly solves the problem of cleaning the output from the river;)

In moments, heavy contaminants are sucked up by the vortex that forms in the concentrator.

By regulating the speed with a valve, you can precisely regulate the concentration process and work speed.

The set includes:

- Concentrator

- flexible weighing link with a precise valve

- 500/1100 gph 12v pump

This complete kit only requires a power source and a bucket of water.

The intuitive work system allows you to master the operation in a few moments.

The suggested work configuration is work in a closed loop.

Place the concentrator on a sieve of at least 10mm, and the sieve on a 20-25l bucket filled with clean water in 2/3.

The pump submerged in the bucket allows you to work in a closed water flow system, and such an application can be used in all conditions.

Power cables about 100 cm long in such a system reach to the battery,

which can stand next to it, which guarantees clean and quick readiness to work, even in the field;)

Accidental losses end up in the bucket and we can clean the same material again.

The material is fed only during stable operation, in small portions and at intervals of about 10 seconds.

The ideal one-time amount (portion) of administration during work is about 100 ml of concentrate (1 large tablespoon)

The material should be fed gently and maximally along the internal wall of the device, which will prevent the fine gold from being accidentally sucked into the vortex.

for very fine gold, clean it twice

     Rinsing and cleaning of gold

     Concentration of Gemstones

It is possible to concentrate precious stones from the mass of sludge, but it requires the feeding of sifted, divided and constant stones (grains of similar size), which facilitates the process of separation from light minerals.

Only heavy minerals remain in the concentrator. the stone concentration process requires more time and a bit faster water, and the previously prepared material, divided into fractions.

"The maximum known and tested effectiveness in the concentration of precious stones is grains up to 5mm.

Larger fractions have not been studied. "

Product made in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology

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