Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M
  • Medium Sluice M

Medium Sluice M

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Medium Sluice M

Golden Shark MIX rubberized gold rinse counterfeiter with rubber size 20x45 cm.

"Medium" of the available rinses.
The trough is made of 2mm aluminum sheet.
Very high quality workmanship and efficiency of catching gilding, as well as other heavy minerals.


- total length 82 cm
- width of the inlet of the funnel 35 cm
- height of the side wall 6 cm
- unscrewed funnel, after folding length 47 cm
- width of rubber 20 cm
- length of rubber 45 cm
- weight only 1.8 kg

Rin of this size and weight, ideal for long hiking trips, fits into most backpacks.
The weight of about 1.8 kg does not interfere with transportation, easy to transport, when folded small size allows you to take it anywhere,
Fits into most hiking backpacks.

Ideally suited for small and medium-sized mountain streams, small and medium-sized streams and places where the amount of water does not allow the use of large scrubbers or is moderate.

It also does very well on larger rivers, easy to position in the current, does not require a lot of water.

It catches gold very effectively, with proper feeding of prepared material( sieved) it achieves efficiency of 99.9%.

The scrubber is equipped with Golden Shark MIX rubber ( small + medium profile) as standard.
Inspection rubber, mounted on the funnel available in the store. If you want such a rubber to be glued on the funnel, add it to the cart as an additional option.

If you wish to have a different combination of rubbers in the scrubber,

Lack of information means that you will receive a scrubber with Golden Shark MIX rubber installed

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